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Alliance provides comprehensive workplace investigation and human resources consultation services tailored to your company's needs. Jim is available all days, shifts, and Nevada locations. 

An impartial investigation aims to provide a fair and influence-free process for both the complainant and respondent and to reach reasoned findings based on the information gathered.


Investigative Process


1. The process begins by meeting with client stakeholders to determine the scope of work, logistical considerations, and client preferences.

2. Alliance uses proven investigative methods to gather facts, analyze relevant data, and provide sound, reasoned conclusions.

3. As an independent factfinder, Alliance remains a neutral, unbiased, and impartial investigative partner.

4. Alliance reporting completes the good faith investigative process.


Alliance Reporting includes; 

  1. A statement of the scope and the issues.

  2. An explanation of the investigative process.

  3. A discussion of the evidence relied upon by the investigator.

  4. An identification of the employer policies involved, if any.

  5. An identification of any evidentiary standard used.

  6. A statement of the investigators finding and conclusions. 

Alliance provides decision-makers with a sophisticated tool to help make complex decisions.

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